Hey There,

Thanks for stopping by.  I love visitors. This blog is about, us!!! 
My small family. Faith and photography. 
Basically it's Just a bit about  everything I love. :D

So about me:

My name is Cindy. 
I am am mother of two amazing boys. 
Benjamin who is 4 and Jason who is almost one. 

Ruben, is my husband.  We are going on 7 years being married.  
Sometimes I can't even believe I have been married that long.  
We are just too cool to have been married that long. 

I am a student, and that is all I can handle right now, along with motherhood and wifehood. 
BUT.. normally, I am photographer, graphic designer, and a bunch of other stuff.  

As if our hands were tied enough; we are also pastors of Spanish church, and I sing in the band.  
yep, I sing like Celine Dion, if Celine Dion didn't sing amazing. 

I enjoy silence. seriously. It's ironic,  i know.  
Sometimes I want the car ride to a silent one, but that's never happened because my husband and sons are chatterboxes.
Meh, can't have everything I want.   Which brings me to my next point, 

Having "serious" conversations with my oldest is one of my favorite things.  
He's just so full of imagination.  

I love pie.  any pie.  
apple pie, coconut cream pie, that peanut butter pie at FoodLand... mmm!! 

I also love blogging, and I hope that you enjoy my expression of life through blogging as well.  

Feel free to contact me at CINRQUIN (at) GMAIL (dot) COM

P.S. You are the coolest! 

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