July 27, 2015

26 Weeks

 I'm more than half way there. The days are long, and the nights uncomfortable.  I can only assume it will get harder, but I'm ready to endure this to finally hold my baby boy in my arms. 
Slip Dress: Aritzia,   Cardigan: American Eagle

July 19, 2015

Fort Building

Since Benjamin and I have been spending so much time together, we have found some creative ways to keep entertained. Since I am in the lookout for a tee-pee or tent for the kid's room, and felt inspired, I decided to make a fort with Benji.

This is our very first fort. 

When Benji woke up that morning, we moved the dining tables chairs and built a simple little fort. It was very plain and basic, but Benjamin had so much fun with that simple fort, that the next day he requested another fort.  This time, however, we were a bit more creative.  I say we are getting good at this fort building business.

Things that happen in the fort: 

There is, of course, your basic fort usages. For example: Movie watching, lounging, nap times, snack times and story times.  These moments are wonderful & tender for every mama. (and dadas too) 

Then, at moments, it becomes a home owned by Mrs. Mama. She is pregnant and makes a living selling Pupusas and Tamales.  Her number one customer is a gentleman by the name of Benjamin, who always stops by after work. She only speaks Spanish, but he understand every word she says. He seems to always responds in English, though, and As you may have imagined, there is a slight communication error in this scenario, and orders often incorrect. Oops. 

When Miss Mama is not living there, the home belongs to Mr. Benj.  I'm not sure what this young man does in his home... I only know he is ALWAYS in need of repairs.  He pretty much spends all his time calling the plumber for overflowing toilets, or the roofer because his roof has flown off or electrician because his house was hit by lightning and is now out of power.  Mr. Benj is also quite popular. Many door-to-door sales people come knocking to offer supplies and fixed hydro rates, and he also gets many visits from faithful evangelists delivering the good news of salvation. Halleluyer! 

It is also place to hold wrestling matches. Personally, I think these matches are rigged because one of the contestants is a giant compared to the other, and the little one always wins. Hmm..

Oh and lastly, I must not forget, it is also a war shelter...where one can hide and spy on enemies with awesome green binoculars. We must not forget we are living at war here, people!!!

These photographs were taken with the smart phone LG G3

July 16, 2015

Hector & Victor

A while back I visited a really good friend of mine, Mimi. She had just had this wonderful baby, Victor, just a few weeks prior to my visit.  At the time, I was not aware of my own pregnancy but was rather suspicious. I obtained a glimpse of how life would be with two boys.  Of course, Benjamin is older than her oldest son, Hector but even so, I can imagine the struggles are pretty much the same.  Nonetheless, Mimi has given me the confidence in knowing that we were pretty much made to endure this kind of trial, and that we will be awesome at it. (Can I get an amen?)   
 Aren't these kids just the handsomest! 


July 5, 2015

Right before the move

Dress: Forever21,   Top: H&M,   Shoes: Aldo,  Bag: Danier   Sunglasses: Forever21

We moved. We need more space now that we will be a family of four. Before the dreaded process, however, I took my little man out for a celebration. "Mom, i would like a coffee, and a cookie, please" he requested. It's not coffee, it's hot chocolate. He calls it coffee because it looks like the one mama drinks. I said to him "go sit down and I will bring it to you", he did so very obediently, and chose a small round table for two.

So there we were just him and me chit chatting. He was telling about all his friends, and why they were his friends, and very few selected best friends, besides his mom and dad, of course. He then pointed out the bird across the street, and explained to me how it was trying to find something to eat. If you know my son, you know that he is a chatterbox.

After he was done chatting, He looked at me and said "mom, we should go", and while he packed his cookie he stated "This is for my brother."

I'm not really sure when this growing up happened, but it makes me a little bit more confident that Benjamin is going to be an excellent brother, and the quite the photographer, as he took all the photographs of me. (with a little instruction, of course)

Photographs taken with the Smart Phone LG G3

July 2, 2015

It's a ...

About two weeks ago, we headed to the "ultrasound of revelation", or so I called it. We were finally going to find out whether it was would a beautiful little girl with amazingly long hair, or a handsome little fellow with good ol'charm. At least that's what one expects.

After what seemed like an eternity of rubbing on my stomach, the nurse finally called my husband in and said "ok let me show you!"  We saw the little angel sucking it's little thumb, the little legs moving around, and then we saw proof of gender...and indeed... It's a BOY!!  

Yes we are having another little boy. Soon we will be having another little one running around and we couldn't be more excited.  We love him already!!  

They days couldn't come faster to meet our Baby Jason. 

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