September 21, 2015

This Summer's Adventures.

Did you know that the first day of Autumn is two days from now.  Summer is officially over, can you believe it? I can't say I'm too sad about it, though.  I am looking forward to the cooler weather and all the greatness that comes with the fall season, because this summer was HOT. (Can I get an amen?)   AND in honor of it's end, here is some un-posted summer photos and stories.

Let's start...

Basically our summer always starts with General Convention.  It's the ultimate sign of the begginning of summer.  Kids are out of school, thunderstorms are a reg, and the temperature is getting warmer. This year it was in Mississauga, and I love when it's there because of one reason: PANERAS!  When I lived in the states I was a reg customer of this amazing cafe, but here in Canada it's not as common as it should be. In my opinion, there should be one in my parking lot.  So...basically on this convention weekend we went to Panera's like everyday.

On a spiritual note, Convention this year was AMAZING! There literally are no words to describe the presence of God in that place.  All I can say is to see the congregation worshiping in it's entirety was a beautiful overwhelming thing!
One day my little Benjamin approached me requesting a picnic. Honestly, at first I was like who,what, where, when, why, and how... BUT thanks to the great invention of Pinterest I got some ideas and we made this dream a reality.  We headed to a park and had a a little picnic. It was a little chilly, so we had the whole park to ourselves.  We ate, played, read, and It was amazing!
picnic with benj
We also had our annual soccer tournament. Our church came together with the other church in our city to form one team.  It was great because we won 2nd place, and winning is always great! So YAY TO US!
blog2015-08-08 10.10
However, One of my ultimate favorite trips this summer was to my mom's.  My husband had to attend Youth Camp this year because he was voted in as District Youth President. (surprise!)  I did not go because I am pregnant and uncomfortable, but I didn't want to stay alone with Benji at home. We decided that it was best that I stayed with my mom for the weekend. I drove up there, and I am so happy I did. We had the best weekend.

The day I got there my dad had cooked me lunch.  I was in shock because I had no idea my dad could cook so good!  My dad had a great time with Benji, He even walked with Benji to the park to give me some rest time. Later that same day my brother-in-law made a delish Shepherd's pie. (it was like men's cooking day or something) and then my sisters and I went out for starbucks, of course. We need that sister time!

The next day we woke up early because we had planned the ultimate day off.  We explored a new donut shop and cafe, went to the beach, saw the Niagara Falls, explored the Bird Sanctuary, and went back home and put together a puzzle of 500 pieces that took us about 3 hours. It was great. We were so exhausted by the end, but it was totally worth it.

On Sunday we took it easy and my mom cooked for us before we left, and It was delicious, as it always is. I must say, it was quite a fun weekend!
We love Coffee
do nutsblog2015-08-08 10.06fallsbird Sanc
Remember my baby shower??  Well it took place on my sister's birthday.  I felt pretty bad about that but I couldn't change it because of two reasons: I wasn't planning it and Yenni couldn't another day.
I  decided in my heart that I would make it up to Mary because she was such a good sport about it. So I invited her over for brunch and did a little something for her.  She was happy, and this made me happy and there happiness all around!
MaryMary Celebrations
On another day, I  got an unplanned, surprise visit from my friend Sarah, and Ruth (SIL) on a random day.  Aren't those visit's just awesome though?  We took the kiddo's to the splash pad and then went to Uptown Waterloo to explore.  Sarah's kids and Benji are so close in age but they have always been so shy around each other, but on this day they became the bestest friends of life, and we now feel like the most accomplished mother's in the world!  These and these photos also happened on that day.
uptown waterlooblog2015-09-11 07.13uptown
Lastly, We ended our summer in the best way possible. On the last legit hot day of summer we took our last trip the beach. My sister's and cousin Ray, came down, the temperature was amazing, the food was delicious, we spent so much time in the water that we came out "pruny", and ended our day with ice cream!   It was the best way to say "See you next summer" to our favorite beach of all time.
rubanstarbucksblog2015-09-07 06.46

That's not all THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS also happened too!

Overall, I had a great summer (besides those pregnancy hot flashes that had me showering constantly in desperation for relief) I am pretty satisfied and I would like to Thank God for a great summer!!

To summer I say "Good Bye see you next year with a new addition in my family!"

September 15, 2015

33 weeks and a cray-crave

blogDSC_1298Today I am 33 weeks.  It has been quite a journey up to until now, but I'm very excited that we are getting closer to meeting our little Jason.

Something very different to my first pregnancy has happened. A cray-crave, I call it. A crazy craving.
This is something that really didn't happen in my first pregnancy. With the exception for that one
time that I mentioned to my sister in law that I wanted a Spicy Chicken from Wendy's and she went out of her way to get it for me.  Yep, she's a sweetie. (There is a whole other side of that girl, that you don't know about)

Well it so happens that my lovely sister Mary, posted a picture on Instagram.  It was a picture of her and her gal pals enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Yes, a PSL!! I kid you not when I tell you that my mouth watered, and ever since then (since Sunday) I have been dying for a PSL.  So If you will excuse me, I am about to embark on a journey to fulfill my greatest craving.

Don't judge me.

Dress: Forever21,    Jacket: American Eagle,   Sandals: Target,   Sunglasses: Forever21

blogDSC_1297 blogDSC_1296 blogds12373

Thank you Sarah for these lovely photos.

September 10, 2015

Basically everything about my shower was amazing

I wanted to share my baby shower because, personally, I think it was amazing. My friend Yenni from the Pink Door Decor is the one responsible for all this amazing-ness. She really thought of everything from the Macaroons to the photo booth.  I'm very happy with everything she did, and she beyond anything I was expecting.

Alright let me tell you about the shower..
I know that most people believe in baby showers being a surprise, but I don't like surprises.  So I convinced Yenni to let me design the invitations, and she was fine with that.  So below is the invitation I made. Isn't it lovely? It's such a minor thing though, when you see all of the other decorations.
I looove Macaroons.  Steph, Yenni's sister, made this macaroons and they were AMAZING!
Doesn't this look delicious? It was. It really was.
blogbrownie bites close u p
blogcake pops2
On the left is the prizes for the ladies who won the games.  Genius!
blogstarbucks station
Starbucks Station??  Genius times TWO! blogwater bottles
I'm a sucker for details. <3
blogface towel
There was a spa table at my baby shower, and we got to do our own facials.  Yenni handmade face scrubs and sprays, and our skin felt like baby skin after.
blogbelly big
I can't remember who won, but thank you to all the ladies who measured me small than I was.
blogHe's coming
Chalkboard walls is amazing!
Baby Jason got lots of presents.  He sure will be happy with all the clothes he got, or not. I may be the only one who gets happy with clothes! haha.
My Cousin & sister.
blogyenni & Cindy
The photo booth was really fun.  Aren't they always?

It was a good day.
Thanks Yenni for everything!

September 1, 2015

5 Years & 5 Facts

Today is just not any other day for us. It's September the first.  It's the day that 5 years ago, we became one. It marked the beginning of our life together. The greatest change that altered our lives. It would be the beginning of many different kind of days.  Days of laughter, of tears, of peace, of frustration, of happiness and of struggle.  Each day bringing us closer together and cultivating our love.  We are 5 years today, and we love more than we did in the beginning, and we owe it all to God.  He is the only one who pairs to different souls into one perfect soul, completed for His honor and glory.  Happy 5 Babe! You are the best husband anyone could ever ask for! 


In honor of our anniversary here are 5 randoms facts about Us.  
  1. Ruben and I both lived in the states for a while.  He lived in Lousiana for 5 years and I lived in North Carolina for 10 years.  Similarly these are both in the South. We both returned to Canada before meeting each other. Even more similar, we have discovered that we attended the same church conferences and never ran into each other.
  2. When we finally started dating we were 100% we were in God's will and after 7 month's (yes 7 months) we got married.  It's actually a nice testimony, but we will leave that for another time.
  3. We are both middle children.  I have an older brother & sister and two younger sisters, and Ruben has an older brother and younger sisters.  Basically... we relate! lol.
  4. Ruben and I made a deal when we started "talking", and it was that I would ask him out. So basically I asked him out.  The best thing, though, was when he said to me "When are you going to ask me out?.... well whenever you do, the answer is yes".  The second part of the deal though was that he would ask me to marry him, which he obviously did.
  5. I am older than my husband. Basically two months older. I am from November and He is from January, so we were born in different years.  Still only two months older, NOT A YEAR, as Ruben would like to claim, when it is convenient. 
You can also read Our Love Story

August 28, 2015

Let's Pretend, or not.


This week, I turned 30 weeks pregnant.  30!! where has the time gone?  How do I feel? Well...
Let's pretend I feel as put together as I look in these photographs.
Let's pretend I'm totally ready for Jason to arrive.
Let's not pretend that I was freaking out this week, and my sister in law had to give me a pep talk.
Let's not pretend I completely forgot what I need to pack in my hospital bag. 
Let's  pretend I am mentally prepared to go through the process of giving birth again.

Or... let's not, I mean, can you ever REALLY be prepared for a new baby? 
blog blogwalkingblogBenji
Sunglasses: Forever21,   Dress: sister,    Shoes: Aldo,   Handbag: H&M

Thanks for my sister Jaz for the photos, and also the Babyshower & Nursery Photo's coming soon. 
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